Managed Services

Managed Services

Simplifying Your Operations

Rethink your Infrastructure Operations

To meet the ever evolving challenges and demands of transforming their businesses and network environments, institutions- public, private, non-profit and educational alike are evolving beyond legacy labor arbitrage outsourcing arrangements.

Organizations, more than ever before, are facing unprecedented operational challenges and opportunities. Outdated technologies and equipment offer little value and institutions realize that business operations that employ these measures are becoming inefficient and obsolete. Emerging technologies, innovation, efficiency, and scalability are tenants of the new normal and institutions must embrace these new realities or be left behind.

Forward thinking organizations are turning to strategic partners that offer a suite of services to access expertise, talent, and innovative technology practices to go beyond simple labor and cost efficiency to achieve greater innovation, higher performance, better efficiency all the while managing costs.

Modernizing your Technology Operations

SBE Concepts Technology Managed Services Suite selects the right blend of applications, digital enhancements, cloud computing environments, technology tools from an alliance ecosystem that includes top technologies like Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google, Oracle, Endpoint, Jira, Splunk, FireEye, just to name a few.   We help you address challenges and seize opportunities by increasing organizational efficiency, reducing operating costs and driving measurable outcomes. Our overarching goal is to:

Build trust to protect and power your business objectives.

Provide innovative solutions that offer cost effectiveness, flexibility and scalability.

Design solutions that are in alignment with your KPIs and strategic vision.

Source the right technology for real results and performance in your digital, cloud and infrastructure platforms and programs.

Leverage our Expertise and Experience

Our expertise is derived from real word experiences and applications, not theory. We have a deep understanding of issues and constraints experienced by our clients. Our services help you   achieve your ambitions faster by delivering so much more than outsourcing.  At the core of our offering is the capabilities, skills, guidance and passion of our people to allow you to run your business functions end-to-end, working in partnership with you and your teams.

Our teams bring decades of industry experience and industry knowledge.  It’s embedded in our subject matter experts of our business to stay up to date with the latest industry trends, technologies and best practices, which can be challenging to maintain in-house.

Empower and accelerate your transformational journeys by leveraging our deep technology and industry expertise that will help you become more efficient and competitive in a constantly evolving, digital landscape.


Technology Managed Services Offering:

Infrastructure monitoring/ proactive management

Security/ Audit Initiatives

Asset / Vendor Management

Onsite/ Off Site Support Management

Strategic Guidance, Planning and Consulting

Risk Management & Assessments

Emerging Technology Guidance /Consultation

KPI & Analytics, Performance Management