Make Generative AI work for you

Generative AI

Utilizing AI to Optimize Performance

Generative AI is not just a technology, but a tool that helps clients scale their workforce faster and focus on higher value activities. Generative AI is the type of artificial intelligence that allows us to create, enhance and summarize unstructured data- be it text, code, voice and or images. 

This type of data makes up a large portion of enterprise data and affects everything that we do as knowledge workers in organizations. It is through this “data” lens that one is able interpret the needs and wants of clients, employees, candidates and collaborators for your business.


Using Innovation to Create Lasting Impact 

With Gen. AI, developing and deploying new AI capabilities is no longer limited to data scientists alone. Business users can write prompts and apply them to new tasks, use them for brainstorming and many other uses. As they gain more experience in working with AI and refining prompts and approaches, the resulting speed and productivity allows them to focus on higher value activities. As Gen AI use in business expands organizations can transform their business- if they practice responsible AI and manage the new risks to security, privacy, and institutional reputation. 


Enhancing Business Innovation

 Generative AI can automate and enhance aspects of your business functions – operations, customer service, software development and data analysis. Examples include:

Improve how you engage with your customers by enabling self-service, providing everyone with the best possible interaction.

Automate high volume tasks such as processing, insurance, claims and communications, or rapidly streamlined complex software development tasks.

Make it easier for your teams to understand all the unstructured data that matters. Contracts, invoices, customer feedback, policies, performance reviews.

Why Responsible AI?

Responsible AI Is a set of practices that balances AI’s transformative potential against its inherent risks. These practices help companies navigate the risks and benefits of AI solutions in a consistent, transparent, and accountable manner. Responsible AI encourages collaboration between stakeholders to implement strategies and policies that prioritize and promote effective risk management, responsible practices, and align AI systems use with the organizations values and aims. 


Why SBE Concepts? 

We are a community of solvers- a group, consultants, engineers, developers, data scientists and design specialists with the experience and ability to implement and provide oversight on Generative AI. In collaboration and alliance with other leading technology companies and partners, we are at the forefront of creating solutions that help you reimagine certain areas of your business to unlock more value. Our team is already working on several use cases helping institutions with strategies to help drive efficiency and productivity.

 Examples include:

Work with a government contracting firm on improving customer service interactions using Gen AI.

Collaborating with a regional school system to help teachers create lesson plans and testing plans.

Working with a hospitality industry company to provide efficiency with predictive inventory management (predicting food shortages) and reservation tools.

Working with a property management firm to streamline and better manage vacancies and inventory concerns.

We’re turning our AI experience and knowledge into positive business outcomes for our clients, helping them innovate to realize Gen. AI’s potential today, and its prospects for future growth. Our client-centric approach, coupled with deep industry experience and technical knowledge, can help our clients show areas that can be improved upon with efficiency and innovation with the help of Gen AI.